Hello again Lovely,
Who knew such a beautiful tree existed!  Beauty really is everywhere. 
As an artist, I just can't help but see beauty everywhere! It is just the way I am made. Every day I try to infuse such beauty into all of my handmade pieces. 
This is the essence of how I make my Marina-ra Designs jewellery collections.
When I start creating this handmade pendant, I'm never sure how exactly how each treasure will turn out.  I guess I like that little surprise when the magic finally appears. The bark of the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree in the background of this picture (isn't it spectacular!) was the source of my inspiration when creating this stunning Marina-ra Designs handmade Serenity Swirl pendant with shining 925 Sterling Silver Swirl.
As a lover of my lovely little brand you already know every unique piece is one of a kind and unique only to the owner!
Whether it's a  Mother's Day gift, (can you believe it is nearly that time of year again) or a treat for yourself,  for a special occasion, or simply a way to say "I love you", the quality and premium luxurious packaging is sure to impress and always makes each piece the perfect gift to remember for years to come.
Why not,  just make your own statement with this beautiful handmade necklace or, choose from the rest my luxurious designer Necklaces, Earrings, Women's Bracelets, Harmony Earrings or Serenity Swirl Necklaces.
Stay a while, browse a little, view the beautiful range. Just click on the collection that you like the best in the Marina-ra Designs Bespoke Collections and view the range.
I hope you love it here.❤️
Much love,
Marina x