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Marina-Ra Designs®

About the Designer and the Brand



I was born and raised in Ireland, a country known to be steeped in culture and creativity.  I guess this must be part of the reason that I sometimes think that creativity is literally running through my veins.

I came to Australia on a working holiday just over 30 years ago and can honestly say that within 8 hours of being on these beautiful shores, I decided that this beautiful country was the place that would fill my heart forever.

After many years in the corporate world, eventually I could not ignore my creative side any longer.  I’d visit galleries and craft shops and find myself admiring a painting or a piece of jewellery and say to myself “I could do that”.  Now it’s one thing to be able to say that, but it’s a totally different story to have the courage to actually do it.  I had been exploring different mediums to make my own handmade beads and one day quite by accident, I hit the “jackpot” and created these unique little pops of happiness whimsically interwoven with colour, beauty and love.   So, I decided to take the plunge and before I knew it Marina-Ra Designs® was born. 

I hope you love my unique brand as much as I have loved creating it for you.  Each one of kind piece is inspired by our individuality.  I have created each piece to be as unique as you are.  As the owner of an original Marina-Ra Designs® high quality piece, you can be assured that your piece is unique only to you.

Each BeautifulMarina-Ra Designs® Bead is 100% Handmade by Marina

Designed to reflect the vibrancy of your personality, I have personally handcrafted each Marina-Ra Designs® bead.  Perfectly imperfect, you can be assured that no two designs are ever the same. Using only fine quality materials, I hand assemble each piece using fine quality 14kt - 20kt gold filled clasps and findings and finish each with a beautiful Marina-Ra Designs® M® 14kt gold plated insignia. 

The story behind my beautiful packaging | Perfectly presented in a luxurious faux  Suede and Velvet  Marina-Ra Designs®  Monogramed Box or Marina-Ra Designs® Pouch

One of my favourite movie scenes is the one in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere gives Julia Roberts a beautiful necklace presented in a luxurious black box.  It struck me at the time how important packaging is in the gift giving and receiving experience, which is why each of my classic original necklaces are presented in a beautiful luxurious faux suede and velvet monogrammed box, to create a sense of anticipation on opening your delivery, whether it be a gift for someone else or a well deserved treat for yourself.  Afterall, we all deserve the best, don’t we!

Always different, yet instantly recognisable, you know you have a genuine Marina-ra Designs® classic original as each necklace is finished with my signature M® branded 14kt gold-plated insignia.

Continue to celebrate your individuality by wearing your beautiful Marina-Ra Designs® one of a kind designer jewellery piece.

Much love,

Marina x