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Handmade Beads Exclusive to Marina-Ra Designs

Hello there!

Did you know that each beautiful Marina-Ra Designs® bead is unique only to the Marina-Ra Designs® brand?

I’m delighted to tell you, it’s true. In fact, one of the most frequent comments from my lovely customers that I hear is, “I love your beads; I’ve never seen anything like them before, they are so beautiful. Where do you buy them from?” 

The answer is, I personally handcraft each and every colourful bead (and pendant setting) in all of the Marina-Ra Designs® collections myself.  

My inspiration for these little pops of happiness is all around. For me it is simple, everywhere I look, I see beauty and colour, light and shade. The various shades and tones in a leaf, a flower, the colourful plumage of a bird cheerfully chirping in a tree or the reflecting colours of the city lights on the water. Often, I find myself interrupting my walk to the shops for groceries to stop and capture the beauty of the changing colours of the leaves on tree or a or the beauty of a little wonderous wildflower peeking through amongst a group of weeds. I love to artistically weave the colours of these beautiful everyday wonders of nature through each beautiful Marina-Ra bead. Often, I pick up a handful of newly handcrafted beads and think to myself “I wonder what you will become”.

As a natural progression, immersed in the mindful design of a new collection, carefully hand assembling each little artistic bead into a luxurious expression of style radiance and beauty is where I find my happy place.

Afterall jewellery is a precious gift in more ways than one, we easily form attachments to a special necklace, bracelet, pendant or pair of earrings. I often say that “every piece of jewellery has its own story to tell. Whether it be an heirloom steeped in a story of family history or a treasured find on a ramble through a maker’s market, every piece has its own lovely tale.

Perfectly imperfect, each Marina-Ra Designs® unique bead may start out with its own little beginning and my wish for you is that each distinctive finished high quality jewellery piece becomes a treasured chapter of your own beautiful story and brings you happiness for ever after.

 Much love,

Marina x